Michigan Tech University students take to campus for first day of fall semester

The arrival of thousands of MTU students also means a boost in customers at businesses and services in the area.
Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 7:14 PM EDT
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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Thousands of students moved across Michigan Tech University’s (MTU) campus for their first day of classes on Monday.

Some explored or hung out with their friends, while others headed into or exited their classes. Wisconsin-born Olivia Capelle is one of these students. Following an internship in Stevens Point, WI, she is back to continue her education in biomedical engineering.

“I actually just got out of a signals and systems class,” said Capelle. “We’re going to work on taking signals from EKGs and transmitting them into a format that you can look at and actually analyze.”

Other students are interested in electrical engineering, such as Ben Penix. This summer, he took part in an internship at an airport. After gaining hands-on experience, he is looking to go into a career in aviation development.

“Specifically military planes is something that I’ve been interested in, thinking about weapons on those and things like that, but I’m not picky right now,” said Penix. “I just learned that I really like the development side of it.”

Still others are not at MTU for technology or engineering-focused careers. Perry Mesloh is aiming to get a history degree before going to law school, but he says law school is not his only option.

“It gives me a little bit more wiggle room if I want to pursue something in government or if I don’t just want to go to law school,” said Mesloh.

These and the many other students on campus mean a boost in customers at businesses in the area. Roy’s Pasties and Bakery, for example, frequently receives orders and purchases from students and even their families.

“Throughout the year, parents are calling in for deliveries to their students, to our business,” said Roy’s Pasties and Bakery Co-Owner Trisia Narhi. “And so, it’s a huge benefit to us.”

Narhi also says students use the bakery as a meet-up or study area for their schoolwork.

When not in classes, students will also have the opportunity to participate in several campus activities as part of the university’s Welcome Week.