Cognition Brewing Company leaving Mather Inn location after ongoing dispute

On Friday, May 28 Marquette County condemned Cognition for not having electricity.
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Updated: Jun. 2, 2021 at 9:52 PM EDT
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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - The owner of Cognition Brewing Company says he will never brew beer in Ishpeming’s Mather Inn again.

On Friday, May 28 Marquette County condemned Cognition for not having electricity.

This came after Cognition and its landlord couldn’t agree on who owed thousands of dollars in unpaid electrical bills – and the power was shut off.

The building has only one electrical meter so both businesses are on the same bill. The owner of the inn, Robin Baird, says the remaining balance was Cognition’s responsibility, but its owner disagrees.

“I have definitely paid for more electricity than I have used here,” said Jay Clancey, Cognition Brewing Company Owner.

With a $4401.13 past-due balance for the Mather Inn, Baird says her dad paid to get power restored last Friday, but she kept the power off at Cognition.

“I’m not going to continue this fight and if it means to my detriment than that’s what it means,” said Robin Baird, The Mather Inn Owner.

As Clancey says Cognition is done brewing or serving beer at its Mather Inn location, both sides agree it’s time to move on.

“I can’t continue to have this relationship that we have with Cognition,” said Baird. “It cannot go on like that.”

“There’s not a lot of optimism over working out a solution here with the owners of The Mather Inn,” said Clancey.

Clancey says Cognition is going to get rid of all its beer brewed at the location which is at least one thousand gallons with an estimated value of $32,000.

Baird says after years of legal battles dating back to 2017, she is done with lawsuits.

Clancey says the church across the street has been a great neighbor to Cognition, and he looks forward to working with the church in the future in a big way.

As we previously reported, Baird has been arrested and charged with one count of felonious assault less than murder. A Cognition employee says Baird squeezed and grabbed his neck and hit him in the face with a flashlight. Baird is out on a PR bond.

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