Rafters lifted for new Copper Country Habitat for Humanity home

Nonprofit organization officially begins new partnership with Pettibone Corporation, which helped with the lift
Copper Country Habitat for Humanity lifts rafters on new project
Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 5:39 PM EDT
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SOUTH RANGE, Mich. (WLUC) - Drills, saws, and lumber are signs of another Copper Country Habitat for Humanity home on 6th Street in South Range.

Since last month, volunteers have been putting the wood structure together on a foundation installed last summer. On Friday morning, the build’s next chapter began with the inaugural lifting of the rafters.

“It’s just beautiful to see that,” said CCHFH executive director Steve Cadeau. “It means you’re finally getting the frame up so you can put all the roofing on and close it in.”

Habitat for Humanity also received help with the rafters from Pettibone Corporation, which officially began its new partnership with the nonprofit. Cadeau says the coalition is important.

“This partnership makes it more flexible, and Pettibone has the equipment,” he stated. “You could see, with the power lines, trees, and everything, it’s a little finagle to get in there.”

This is the 31st house the organization is building since its start in 1994. Like the Habitat house located next door, Cadeau says this new home will also be environmentally friendly.

“They’re built with the windows facing the south for more sun,” he explained. “And, they’re built on a radiant heat slab, which is heated by oxygen and hot water system, and it just goes right through.”

Habitat’s plan is to pick a candidate for the house in September. In the meantime, Cadeau says help is needed for this property and future homes.

“To keep building like this, it takes money,” he said. “We are working hard to be able to do that and build, hopefully in the future, two homes a year.”

Cadeau hopes both the house will be finished and the homeowner can move in by November 30th.

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