Upper Michigan schools combat 2020 flu season

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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - With flu season, and the coronavirus increasing in numbers, Upper Michigan schools are taking appropriate measures to keep students healthy.

Woodland student washes hands (WLUC Photo)

Breitung Township Schools are trying to keep up with students who are out with the flu.

"The last couple of weeks we've definitely seen an increase in the number of kids with respiratory illness, with fevers. We've have several kids that have been confirmed to have influenza B,” said the Woodland School nurse, Julie Cootware.

This is typically when the flu season hits schools the hardest. It tends to peak in February and March. Cootware says she has seen between 40 and 60 students a day for illness.

They say best way to stop the flu is to have students wash their hands and cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough. There are also things parents can do at home.

"If your child does have a fever, it's important to keep them home, and they should remain home until they're fever free for 24 hours, without Motrin or Tylenol,” said Cootware.

The staff has been working to keep the school clean.

"In our health and rec class, we're working on hand washing, how to make sure you're not spreading germs, how germs spread, teaching those kind of things,” said the Woodland School principal, Darren Petschar.

Other schools such as Powell Township and Manistique closed last week due to sickness. Since, the population is large at Breitung Township Schools, the principal says he doesn't see them ever closing school, due to sickness, but they always work with the student.

"We've had some classes where we've kind of changed our curriculum a little bit, because we've had probably 60 percent of the class out,” said Petschar.

The sickness, will taper out, but until then...

"We're working things through and hopefully things are working out well,” said Petschar.

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