Northwoods Family Chiropractic offers health benefits to community members

Dr. Kim Scarlassara re-aligns a patient at Northwoods Family Chiropractic's new Crystal Falls...
Dr. Kim Scarlassara re-aligns a patient at Northwoods Family Chiropractic's new Crystal Falls location at 337 Superior Avenue. (WLUC Photo) (WLUC)
Published: Sep. 23, 2019 at 5:50 PM EDT
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Northwoods Family Chiropractic has opened another office located at 337 Superior Avenue in Crystal Falls, in addition to their one in Iron River.

Cracking sounds can be hard to hear for some, but it could help improve your overall health by preventing future issues.

Thanks to the new chiropractic clinic in Crystal Falls, many can get services they need.

"We wanted to be able to serve as many people as we possibly could with as many services that we can offer as well, so really try to get the health and wellness out to our community,” said Northwoods Chiropractic Physician, Kim Scarlassara.

Many may think you don't need see a chiropractor until you are in pain, but it is really the opposite.

"We're very preventative in that aspect, so we want to make sure that we catch problems before they become a problem,” said Kim Scarlassara.

Chiropractic Physicians are able to work on any age group to provide innovative services, and help the overall movement and health of a patient.

Northwoods Chiropractic doesn't only deal with the realignment of a person, but they also deal with the whole healthy lifestyle of their patient by using Lipo Laser and cool techniques that allow the patient to feel better. They are currently the only business in the area that offers Lipo Laser, which get rid of fat cells.

They also offer personal weight loss training.

Northwoods works very close with the high school athletes in the area as well, and love to see how the practice helps the athletes during the game.

"It's good for my soul, and I really hope it encourages others to give of themselves and to give back to the community. It makes the community much stronger,” said Northwood's Chiropractic Physician, Tony Scarlassara

New patients are always welcome at either Northwoods Family Chiropractic location.