UPHS-Portage in-house COVID-19 testing improves patient care

Fri May 22 17:52:14 PDT 2020

UPHS-Portage in-house COVID-19 testing improves patient care


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Cristobal enters the Gulf of Mexico

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell issued an emergency disaster proclamation.

Federal immigration agents detain Floyd protester in NYC

"The fact that he's a man of Puerto Rican descent is really concerning because it raises questions about racial profiling," said Terry Lawson, of the Immigrant Defense Project.

Minnesota trans woman said she thought she was going to die in beating

When Dior sought safety in a nearby convenience store, she said, owners declined to call police or help.

Buffalo police officers resign from unit in protest of suspended colleagues who shoved man, 75, to ground

Video shows one or two officers appearing to push Martin Gugino, 75, who stumbles backward and falls to the ground. Seconds later, a pool of blood can be seen near his head.

What kids have to say about the George Floyd protests

NBC News’ Rehema Ellis talks to kids about the nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. They express sadness, fear and disappointment, but also hope for the future.