St. Ignace teenager hopes to make the NBA, as a referee

Thu Feb 20 04:13:58 PST 2020

St. Ignace teenager hopes to make the NBA, as a referee

Jackson Ingalls, a junior at La Salle High School in St. Ignace, is a huge basketball fan. He's loves the game so much, that it has taken him on an interesting path.

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Certified Financial Planner explains the CARES Act Pt. II

Scott Sampeer of Northwestern Mutual explains what the CARES Act means in regards to Retirement Withdrawal and RMD.

Certified Financial Planner explains the CARES Act Pt. I

Scott Sampeer of Northwestern Mutual in Marquette breaks down what the CARES Act means for individuals and small businesses.

City of Marquette Senior Services continue to provide during COVID-19 situation

Senior Services Manager Maureen McFadden shares an update with what's going on at the Senior Center of the City of Marquette.

UP Kids Spotlight: Marlowe and Kivrin

Marlowe and Kivrin Filipowicz share what they've been working on during their time at home.

Republic Strong: A community comes together to show support

An emotional scene late Tuesday afternoon in Republic as people showed their support of Kathy and Gary Johnson.


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West Virginia became first state to offer bets on politics - then quickly retreated

A little-known 1868 statute scuttled what could have been a new U.S. gambling market

Coronavirus timeline: Tracking the critical moments of COVID-19

The outbreak has caused citywide quarantines, infections aboard cruise ships and cancellations of major international events.

Washington state shares lessons on flattening coronavirus curve

Officials say Washington state has managed to “flatten the curve” and reduce its coronavirus patients. Now health care workers are sharing how they transformed their hospitals to combat the crisis.

As U.S. coronavirus death toll climbs, some states show signs of progress

More than 14,000 people have died from coronavirus in the United States. Early research suggests there could be a decline in the number of new cases in more than a dozen states, but some areas still face desperate situations.

New York has deadliest day as coronavirus hospitalizations level off

The death toll continues to rise in New York state with at least 779 deaths in just 24 hours, but hospitalizations, ICU admissions and intubations keep leveling off. The state is now facing growing scrutiny over whether state and local officials were slow to act.