Ishpeming 'greatest of all time' teacher kisses live goat on stage

Thu Feb 13 19:38:58 PST 2020

Ishpeming 'greatest of all time' teacher kisses live goat on stage

Tai Chi for falls prevention

Carlee Wasik, Falls Prevention Coordinator at the MSU Extension, shares a few Tai Chi moves to help anyone and everyone keep moving.

Tips and resources for those with memory loss during the COVID-19

Sundi Taylor, Program Coordinator of Alzheimer's Association, shares ways people with Alzheimer's and other dementia can stay healthy during COVID-19.

Weather On Demand 4/1/20

Weather On Demand 4/1/20


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Doctors can't use COVID-19 antibodies from gay men or anyone taking PrEP

Health officials say they have to turn away potential donors even if they have valuable coronavirus antibodies that could help save the seriously ill.

Health care workers see wave of infection coming in their ranks

States like Ohio and Minnesota are already seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases among front-line health care workers.

Man who said he has coronavirus attempts 'suicide by cop,' police say

The man is overweight, has diabetes and thought he was going to die, a New York Police Department official said. "He wanted the cops to shoot and kill him."

One nursing home offers grim advice: Take your loved ones home

Coronavirus cases are increasing so rapidly that one New York nursing home CEO is advising families to take their loved ones home if possible.

This county of 560,000 has no health department. Republicans said it didn't need one.

The GOP, which ran Delaware County for years, balked at creating an agency that is now vitally needed, experts say.