Increased arrests due to driving under the influence of drugs


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Hotel dishwasher awarded $21 million after boss made her work on Sundays

The jury also found she was due $35,000 in back wages and $500,000 for emotional pain and mental anguish.

MSU president faces ouster after saying Nassar victims are 'enjoying' the 'recognition'

Interim President Engler said women sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar have been enjoying the "spotlight" since coming forward.

Hear from the manufacturer of America’s most expensive drug

Wednesday on NBC Nightly News, Kristen Dahlgren reports on Luxturna, a drug that costs $850,000. In this clip, Dahlgren asks the CEO of Spark Therapeutics, Jeff Marrazzo, how the company justifies that price.

U.S. service members killed by explosion in Syria

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which came just weeks after President Trump said "we have beaten them and we have beaten them badly."

Key West moves to ban sunscreens that could damage reefs

Some studies have shown that the chemicals encourage coral bleaching.