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NBC News Headlines

Florida officer 'relieved of duty' after video shows him hitting woman

The incident at Miami International Airport is under investigation.

Richmond mayor orders removal of all Confederate monuments

"We have needed to turn this page for decades," the mayor said about the statue that will be stored as a public process plays out on its ultimate fate.

Missouri man whose conviction was overturned with help of WNBA star is freed

“I’m free,” Irons said after walking out of the Jefferson City Correctional Center. “I’m blessed.”

Seattle police move in to clear Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone

Police Chief Carmen Best reiterated her support for Black Lives Matter movement, but said of the weekslong occupation: "Enough is enough."

Delaware city removes whipping post once used to punish Black people from public plaza

The Georgetown post will go into storage, state officials said, but could end up in a museum setting in the future.