'The Great Outdoors' exhibit work underway at Marquette Regional History Center

Fri Nov 08 16:53:57 PST 2019

'The Great Outdoors' exhibit work underway at Marquette Regional History Center

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Weather On Demand

Motivation Monday: Mobility and stretching exercises

Sam Pollock, owner of Core Funktions, shares a mobility and stretching workout with bug and animal exercises.

Money Talk Monday: Tips for buying houses

Scott Sampeer, a certified financial planner with Northwestern Mutual, shares tips for buying houses. Reach out to Scott Sampeer at scott.sampeer@nm.com for more information.


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Curfews not enough to keep the peace with protests, arrests coast to coast

Police fired tear gas outside the White House and in Philadelphia as looting and small fires were reported in New York City.

New York braces for more protests over death of George Floyd

Police blamed armed organized criminals using the demonstrations as cover for the violence seen at some protests.

Blood and air cut off to George Floyd's brain, causing death, according to independent autopsy

The independent autopsy commissioned by Floyd's family contradicts a county examination.

Some police officers show support for George Floyd protesters

Amid growing protests over the death of George Floyd, some police officers denounced his death, and sometimes joined the protests.

Growing concern over spread of coronavirus among George Floyd protesters

Massive crowds seen in cities across the country are choosing social justice over social distancing.