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Tour America's Music Cities with TV6's Andrew LaCombe


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Someplace Special Merchandise

NBC News Headlines

U.S. and Turkey agree to temporary ceasefire in Syria

Vice President Mike Pence announced today that Turkey had agreed to a temporary ceasefire, suspending its military operations in northern Syria for 120 hours to allow U.S. Kurdish allies to retreat to a designated safe zone.

Hotel collapse survivor speaks out as new questions arise about potential structural flaws

“Somebody needs to be held accountable for it,” said steelworker Derrick Pate, whose femur was broken in the New Orleans accident.

Man arrested after woman's body found encased in concrete in Las Vegas desert

The woman was identified by prosecutors as 24-year-old Esmeralda Gonzalez, who went missing in late May.

House holds its first hearing on a Smithsonian Latino museum

"The best gift we can give others is empowerment, and a museum is a visual reminder of that gift," Mari Carmen Aponte, the former acting assistant secretary of state, said.

Missouri man missing for a week found alive in car that crashed into ravine

Ryan Linneman, of Lee's Summit, was found by a dirt bike rider in wreckage along Interstate 470 in Kansas City, Lee's Summit police said.