Sunshine and fish during 'Women's Children's Fishing Tournament'

Fri Aug 23 16:45:35 PDT 2019

Sunshine and fish during 'Women's Children's Fishing Tournament'


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Someplace Special Merchandise

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Trader Joe's founder Joe Coulombe dies at 89

From the time he opened his first store in Pasadena, California, in 1967 until his death, Coulombe watched his namesake business rise to a retail giant.

Number of coronavirus cases from unknown source growing in U.S.

Three new presumptive cases were reported Friday on the West Coast, with patients in Oregon, Washington and California, but it's not clear how they were infected.

Federal appeals court rules against Trump in two major immigration cases

A court once again blocked a Trump policy that requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico, but then it put the ruling on pause.

California town wins fight to keep out coronavirus patients from cruise ship

The city of Costa Mesa had sued to block the federal government from sending patients to a former assisted living center in the center of town.

Court reverses own decision on Trump's policy to require migrants to wait for asylum in Mexico

Federal judges voted unanimously to suspend an order the court issued earlier in the day to block a policy requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico.