Blue-Mystique Kayak Tour II

Fri Jul 12 09:23:08 PDT 2019

Blue-Mystique Kayak Tour II

'Caregivers Incentive Project' kicks off November fundraising

Local 501(c)(3) 'Caregivers Incentive Project' kicked off their November fundraising efforts at Marquette's Ore Dock Brewing Company on Tuesday.

Young American's workshop wraps up with student performance

Hundreds of students from the U.P. had their turn to perform Tuesday night during the final day of the Young American's workshop.

Conference held to promote accessibility awareness

From Tuesdays workshop, SAIL hopes this conversation will inspire the creation of more accessible communities for those living with disabilities as well as enhancing the lives of those who are currently able bodied.

Delta County tests voting machines ahead of November election

Delta County is getting ready for Election Day on November 5, and the city of Escanaba took time Tuesday to do public testing of voter equipment.

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N.Y. man charged with running over estranged wife twice, stabbing her with machete

Prosecutors say Victor Mateo, a pastor, hit his estranged wife with his car, then ran her over with her own vehicle and stabbed her with a machete.

He was beaten by Erdogan's guards during a protest. But he's not backing down.

Murat Yasa is devastated the Turkish president is returning to U.S. soil: "I feel like a truck crashed [into] me, and then an 18-wheeler is going to crash into me again."

Teenage Uber rider accidentally shot by driver, Florida police say

The girl was shot in the ankle and is in a cast. Police have ruled the shooting accidental, but the driver was charged with a misdemeanor.

Connecticut police officer charged after firing into couple's car

No one in the car was armed. Stephanie Washington, 22, was injured and she was was struck by one bullet that fractured her pelvis and spine.

Fire danger threatens power to 800,000 across California

A second round of electricity blackouts could begin Wednesday — and yet another massive shutdown could be needed next week.