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Thu Oct 10 19:17:37 PDT 2019

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Weather On Demand

NMUCC takes steps for mental health during #HikeOctober

Learn more: https://secure.hikeformentalhealth.org/np/publicaccess/fundraisingShortcuts.do?name=NMUConservationCrew&#.XaCm6CRIm-A.facebook

Fresh Coast Film Festival returns for its fourth year this weekend

The Fresh Coast Film Festival features four days of productions either based in the Great Lakes Region or created by people who live there.

Weather On Demand 10/14/19

Weather On Demand 10/14/19

Community celebrates 14th Annual UPtoberfest in Escanaba

Community celebrates 14th Annual UPtoberfest in Escanaba


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Someplace Special Merchandise

Someplace Special Merchandise

NBC News Headlines

California to bar high schools from ringing first bell before 8:30 a.m.

Backers said young brains need more sleep, while opponents claim the decision should be made by the school district.

Soldier who was wounded in 2009 search for Bowe Bergdahl has died

Allen spent 21 years in the Army and the Army National Guard. He retired upon receiving a Purple Heart in 2013.

Drone video shows aftermath of New Orleans hotel collapse, search continues for 1 missing

Two people are known to have died in the Saturday disaster and more than 20 were hurt.

Two Columbus statues vandalized on Columbus Day

The statue in San Francisco was doused in red paint with a sign that read, "Destroy all monuments of genocide and kill all colonizers."

Cyntoia Brown-Long to Lester Holt on her release from prison: 'There's nothing special about me'

In an exclusive interview, her first since being released from prison in August, Brown-Long says there are many women just like her still in prison.