Developer to discontinue L'Anse Township wind farm development

Fri Apr 19 19:46:51 PDT 2019

Developer to discontinue L'Anse Township wind farm development


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Minnesota attorney general to take over prosecutions in George Floyd's death

Governor transfers investigation after Minneapolis legislators said they lacked confidence in local prosecutors.

Truck seen driving into protesters in Minneapolis

Officials said they have had no reports of injuries. The truck driver was pulled from the cab and has been arrested.

Minneapolis, other major cities face another night of anger

Many of America's major cities remain under curfew orders as National Guard forces watch and patrol.

Aggressive policing tactics called into question as national protests flare

"You cannot start meting out extrajudicial punishment," one former police officer and criminologist said of incidents of excessive force.

No injuries after truck plows into crowd of Minneapolis protesters

Massive protests are taking place nationwide over the death of George Floyd. In Minneapolis, Minn., a truck driver drove into a crowd of demonstrators, scattering thousands of people. No one was injured in the incident, and the driver of the truck has been taken to a nearby hospital.