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NBC News Headlines

1 dead, 7 injured in downtown Seattle shooting

Police are working to determine how many shooters were involved in the fatal incident near Pike Place Market.

Hispanic Miami officer suspended after claiming 'one-drop rule' means he's black

"The one-drop rule ... which is what identifies and defines what a black man is, or a Negro," Capt. Javier Ortiz said during a public hearing.

Black Texas teen told to cut his dreadlocks to walk at graduation

The teen's family is from Trinidad. He said that his dreadlocks are part of his heritage and that many men in his family wear them.

South Florida iguanas freeze after temperature drop

The National Weather Service even issued a “a falling iguana” forecast.

New restrictions proposed for emotional support animals on airplanes

Under the Department of Transportation’s proposed new rules, only dogs trained to help persons with a disability will be considered “service animals” and allowed in the passenger cabin.