Donate to the TV6 Canathon Today!


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For over 40 years, the TV6 Canathon has been helping needy families around the Upper Peninsula. Now it’s time for the 2023 event!

The TV6 Canathon began in 1982 with about 700 pounds of food being donated to help the local food pantries that first year. Since that time the annual donations have increased dramatically with over 4.5 million pounds of food donated to local food pantries.

We’re hoping 2023 is our biggest year yet! You can help feed a hungry neighbor RIGHT NOW by texting CANATHON to 44321, or by clicking the donation tab at

TV6 has partnered with the United Way of Marquette County to streamline and increase the impact of monetary donations to the to the TV6 Canathon. All money donated is distributed to pantries in each county supported by the TV6 Canathon.

Financial contributions help to allow pantries to purchase what items on an as-needed basis - including perishables and refrigerated items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

All food collected in a community through the TV6 Canathon stays there to “help feed a hungry neighbor.” Once the food is collected, it is distributed through St. Vincent DePaul Society and Salvation Army food banks and food pantries affiliated with various local churches.