Give Back to Where it All Began

Northern Michigan University Foundation Day of Giving, Nov. 29, 2022.

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It’s almost time for the annual Northern Michigan University Day of Giving!

Coinciding with the national Giving Tuesday, this year we celebrate the Northern Reach and encourage you to give back to where it all began: At NMU!

Support the departments, programs or teams that helped shape your journey and give you a great education to head out into the world.

Gifts directed to specific departments and programs help expand resources providing students with more academic learning opportunities and new experiences each year.

Supporting our men’s and women’s athletic teams will fund equipment and facility upgrades and improve player development on and off the ice, court or field.

You can also give to student health and wellbeing initiatives. Your support will foster academic success and remove barriers to graduation helping students improve and excel along the way. You can even donate directly to the NMU Food Pantry, which provides food and personal care products to students in need.

Or simply give back and support what you care most about at NMU. And remember, gifts of all sizes matter!

Now it’s your turn to help fellow Wildcats find their way. Please join NMU alumni and friends and participate in NMU’s Day of Giving on November 29. Learn more and give at