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Lottery Results

Michigan Keno


Winning Numbers: 03-05-09-14-16-17-19-27-29-31-36-42-44-55-58-60-63-65-70-71-72-80
Last Draw: 02/20/2020

Michigan Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5

Winning Numbers: 13-24-26-32-38
Last Draw: 02/20/2020
Current Jackpot: $100,000.00

Michigan Classic Lotto 47

Classic Lotto 47

Winning Numbers: 04-12-18-20-30-38
Last Draw: 02/19/2020
Current Jackpot: $1,150,000.00

Michigan Daily 3 Midday

Daily 3 Midday

Winning Numbers: 7-7-6
Last Draw: 02/20/2020

Michigan Daily 3 Evening

Daily 3 Evening

Winning Numbers: 6-9-6
Last Draw: 02/20/2020

Michigan Daily 4 Midday

Daily 4 Midday

Winning Numbers: 9-1-5-2
Last Draw: 02/20/2020

Michigan Daily 4 Evening

Daily 4 Evening

Winning Numbers: 0-8-8-6
Last Draw: 02/20/2020

Michigan Poker Lotto

Poker Lotto

Winning Numbers: AH-AS-6C-4D-9S
Last Draw: 02/20/2020

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Someplace Special Merchandise

Someplace Special Merchandise

NBC News Headlines

Lori Vallow, mother of two missing Idaho children, arrested in Hawaii

Joshua Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, were last seen in September, according to the police in Rexburg, Idaho.

Victoria’s Secret sold amid plummeting sales and cultural shift

The company has been struggling to stay relevant as American mindsets shift and competitors embrace body positivity. Its famous runway show was cancelled last year after 2018 saw the worst ratings in the show’s history.

Authorities warn of dangers of pointing lasers at aircraft

Laser attacks on police, military, civilian and commercial aircraft have been a problem for years. After recent incidents, authorities warn pilots could be blinded mid-flight or suffer permanent eye damage.

Jet makes fiery landing at Daytona Beach airport

Investigators are looking into why this small private jet touched down with landing gear that either malfunctioned or wasn’t deployed.

Dramatic video shows Indiana overpass engulfed in flames after tanker truck overturns

The semi's driver reportedly suffered serious burns after the tanker carrying jet fuel overturned in Indianapolis, sparking a fire on an I-70 overpass.