Engadine's Vaughn top play in Eastern Upper Peninsula Conference for Girls Basketball

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NEWBERRY, Mi. Eastern Upper Peninsula All Conference Team
Girls Basketball 2019-20

Player of the Year __Sophia Vaughn
School __Engadine__Grade _SR___
Stats: PPG_21.5_ RPG_4.5__ SPG_4.1_ APG__2.4

Defensive Player of the Year _Katie Rahilly____School __Newberry__Grade _JR__
Stats: PPG_12.5_ RPG_4.8__ SPG_5.2_ APG_3.3_

First Team All-Conference
Name __Elysia Causley_____Cedarville_____Grade _JR_
Stats: PPG_15.3_ RPG_9.8__ SPG_2.2_ APG_2.3_

Name __Kennedy Guild_____Pickford_______Grade _SO_
Stats: PPG__20.2 RPG_5.6__ SPG_4.3_ APG_1.6_

Name __Taylor Williams ___Cedarville______Grade _FR_
Stats: PPG_15.1_ RPG_5.7__ SPG_4.3_ APG_2.1_

Name __Victoria Aikens____Brimley________Grade _SR_
Stats: PPG_10.9_ RPG_12.7_ SPG_2.9_ APG_3.1_

Name __Lizzie Storey_____Pickford________Grade _SO_
Stats: PPG_9.0_ RPG_6.4__ SPG_3.6_ APG_3.0_

Second Team All-Conference
Name _Katie Rahilly _______School __Newberry______Grade _JR_
Name Tomissa Archambeau School __Brimley _______Grade _SR_
Name _Sara Beelen________School __Rudyard_______Grade _JR_
Name _Sierra Burton ______School __Detour________Grade _SR_
Name _Darcy Bennin_______School __Pickford_______Grade _SR_

Honorable Mention All-Conference
Name _Brooklyn Besteman __School __Rudyard________Grade _SO_
Name _Bailey Zellar_______School __Newberry_______Grade _SO_
Name _Izzy Kopsi_________School __Engadine _______Grade _SR_
Name _Cassidy Barr_______School __Cedarville_______Grade _JR_
Name _Sadie McGuire _____School __Brimley_________Grade _SO_