Two Ironwood Township residents arrested on drug charges

Dan Corneileous Martin and Hykeisha Deshay Whitlock
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IRONWOOD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Gogebic County Prosecutor Nicholas Jacobs authorized felony charges on two Ironwood Township residents as a result of a Gogebic Iron Area Narcotics Team (GIANT) investigation.

The investigation started after a concerned citizen recently expressed suspicions and shared information with GIANT officers that a local individual may be selling controlled substances.

Initially GIANT officers found that one of those arrested had recently moved to the area for employment. Officers were able to execute controlled buys on the two individuals and then subsequently executed a search warrant authorized by the Gogebic County Prosecutor’s Office at their residence on Dec. 19, 2017. As a result of the search warrant officer seized numerous items including Suboxone sublingual films, a controlled substance, and U.S. currency.

Suboxone is classified by the DEA as a Schedule 3 drug and it falls in a Narcotic analgesic drug glass. Narcotic analgesics (also called opiates, opioid analgesics, or narcotics) relieve acute and chronic severe pain by binding to opioid receptors. Most narcotic analgesics act on the mu opioid receptor and are very effective at relieving pain; however, they also activate reward pathways meaning that narcotic analgesics have a tendency to cause addiction, dependence, and tolerance (where increasing dosages are needed to provide the same pain-relieving effect).

Dan Corneileous Martin, 41, and Hykeisha Deshay Whitlock, 22, have both been charged in a two count felony complaint with:

- Possession with intent to deliver Suboxone (Schedule 3 controlled substance) which carries a penalty up to 7 years in prison and/or $10,000 fine
- Maintaining a drug house which is a high court misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison and/or $25,000 fine.

The two individuals are currently lodged at the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department on a $20,000 at 10 percent bond.

The GIANT team would also like to thank the concerned citizens in the area that take the time to report suspicious actives. In doing such, citizens can also take a piece of the gratification in being responsible for trying to help get rid of drugs in the community.

The GIANT team has an answering machine, which is designed to take messages on such information. In case of emergency please call 911 because these accounts are only checked when officers have time.The GIANT team toll free phone number is 1-855-644-4219 and they also have an email address of

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