Young's seeing rising numbers after renovations start

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 5:26 PM EDT
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Young’s Golf Course has been making some updates over the last few months.

"We've realized a new vision. We changed management out here and we've developed a plan for improving all of our services out here,” Young’s Trustee, Rick Kent, said. “Now that we've been under operation with this new plan for about five months, we are very very excited that things are working out quite well."

It’s working out so well that they have seen an almost 35% increase in their golf numbers. That makes this the best year for the complex in over twenty years.

"The best year prior to this year was 1997 and that was the high water mark of Young’s,” Kent said. “This year, we're going to top 1997 by over $200,000. Last year in 2017, our revenue was just about $500,000. This year we are going to be above $800,000 in just the first nine months of operation."

They're getting such positive feedback and they're just getting started. The company says there is so much more that their guests could look forward to even in just the next year.

"Right now, we are finishing up some drainage,” General Manager Jason Rivard said. “The roof was just finished, they're going to be putting some gutters on the complex. Over at Scott Lake across the lake from the golf course, we're going to be putting 3-4 Yurts. We have 3,300 acres of property so we're going to try to use it."

Another big project the complex is excited about is their new pool.

Even with all these renovations, the facility is still open and hosting new weekly events.

"This winter we have a whole variety of activities scheduled for this complex,” Rivard said. “Starting this Sunday, we will start serving Sunday brunch. Every Monday we will have trivia starting at 7pm."

You can check out their Facebook page at to see more of their upcoming events.