Young Eagles host free flying day

K.I. SAWYER, Mich. (WLUC) - The Young Eagles held their free flying day at Boreal Aviation, Inc. at K.I. Sawyer Saturday.

10 pilots volunteered their own time giving kids of all ages their first experience with aviation.

It was a busy day. Roughly 100 kids turned out for the event.

Pilots explained some of the principles of flight, showed them the controls and highlighted the safety of air travel.

Young Eagles Coordinator, Ted Kirkpatrick says it's all in the hopes of creating young pilots to take the controls as a majority of today's licensed pilots are nearing retirement age.

“A majority of them are within five or ten years of retirement. There's just a huge demand for pilots. So much so that the airlines are willing to take kids with less experience and teach them through their own programs where that wasn't the case several decades ago. So there's a tremendous opportunity for kids now be it an airline pilot of air traffic control. Whatever they want to do in the field of aviation it’s a fantastic time for them right now,” Kirkpatrick declared.

If you missed Saturday’s action, you can learn more for yourself by visiting the Young Eagles website.