Yoopers trapped in Honduras due to COVID-19 outbreak try to get home

Published: Mar. 22, 2020 at 8:14 PM EDT
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The COVID-19 outbreak has left a number of Americans trapped, out of the country, with no way to travel home.

Tim and Julie Bishop of Escanaba are currently stuck in Honduras. The couple, in their mid-60’s, made the trip towards the end of February as part of a mission trip. More than a week ago, before travel restrictions went into effect, the couple tried to secure a plane ticket home, but were unable to.

The Bishops are currently in contact with Representative Jack Bergman's office, as well as the American Embassy.

“The government on Friday, a couple of days ago, lifted the restriction, they said that flights could come in order to evacuate stranded citizens,” said Tim Bishop. “I just talked to Delta this morning, and they said that the first available flight is May 2. That's another month and a half from now. We're not really prepared to stay another month and a half, so we're looking at other options.”

During a press conference on Sunday evening, President Trump said his administration is doing everything they can to bring Americans trapped abroad home, and he specifically mentioned Honduras.