'Yooper Strong' beer sales to benefit front-line workers

Jeff Brickey pours 'Yooper Strong' (WLUC Photo)
Jeff Brickey pours 'Yooper Strong' (WLUC Photo)(WLUC)
Published: May. 6, 2020 at 3:09 PM EDT
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Yooper Strong; It's been a common phrase during this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's also the name of a new beer from 51st State Brewing Company, in Kingsford.

"We would like to give back to the community, and so we thought, being our business, the easiest way would be to take proceeds from the sales of Yooper Strong and give it back to those people on the frontline,” said one of the owners, Victoria Brickey.

‘Yooper Strong’ takes about 3 weeks to make from start to finish.

"When businesses we're shutting down, we didn't know what we we're going to do,” said another owner, Jeff Brickey.

Adding takeout of pizza and beer, was new for the company. They have since put X's on the floor, for social distancing, and plexiglass by the register, to ensure safety.

They encourage people to call ahead if they want to purchase ‘Yooper Strong.’ The beer costs $12 for a 32oz. crowler and $17 for a 64oz. growler. Soon, those proceeds will be near the front-lines.

"We would use the money for PPE. We're continuing to look at and monitor those levels. You know, we have to make sure we keep that inventory up,” said the public relations director at Dickinson County Healthcare System, Joe Rizzo.

Rizzo says the community support during this time has been great.

"The community and the community hospital are linked, and one doesn't' survive so well without the other, and I think that's been proven through this pandemic,” he said.

The owners hope this helps, in a small, tasty way.

"It's going to be very refreshing. It’s going to have hints of pineapple, lime and tropical fruit. The bitterness is really low, but the aroma and flavor is very powerful,” said Jeff Brickey.

Powerful, a beer that is bigger than beer and a message of hope for the community.