Yooper Shirts, Getz's participating in Cyber Monday with special online deals

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - After the in-store rushes of Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving, and Small Business Saturday that supports local businesses, comes the big online event called Cyber Monday.

Big box stores aren't the only ones running promotions on their websites, smaller stores participate as well, including both Yooper Shirts and Getz's Clothiers in downtown Marquette.

"Well in the online world, Cyber Monday is the big day," says Keith Dickson, Getz's Operations Manager. For Getz's and Yooper Shirts, that still rings true. In addition to their downtown stores, they also have an online presence.

"This morning, I walked in and I kind of promoted the Cyber Monday last night at 6 o'clock just to give people a jump on it, and we came in with about 60 online orders this morning. And then periodically throughout the day we're expecting a little over 100 more additional orders online," says Jeremy Symons, Owner and Designer of Yooper Shirts, Inc.

On www.yoopershirts.com, customers can get 20 percent off their total order, which should give people some incentive to shop online rather than in store.

"We don't really offer a ton of discounts throughout the year, so they take advantage of it. It's a good way to get their shopping done on one day, get a great discount, and get a bunch of cool U.P. items and Michigan related items as well," Symons explains.

Getz's website, www.getzs.com, is offering a free gift with purchase promotion and select brands at a discount. The store expects between 500 to 700 online sales for Cyber Monday.

Both stores say they get equal sales between in-store and online purchases throughout the year overall, but Cyber Monday provides a nice boost in their online presence.

"It's just easier to order online, people can order on their phones, their computers. They don't have to run around to find exactly what they're looking for, it's more convenient, ya know. They can just do it on their time, they can see every product that we offer on our website," Symons says.

And for Getz's, Cyber Monday allows them to compete with the larger big box store competitors. "Online is still a place you can compete with the big guys. You might not be able to have the square footage, and you might not be able to have the marketing campaigns they have, but you can still put up a website. You treat the customer right and you give the customer what they want, they'll continue to come back to you," says Dickson.