UPDATE: Wreckage of 1997 plane crash found near St. Ignace

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ST. IGNACE, Mich. (AP) - UPDATE: Thursday, July 12, 6:02 P.M:

The Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were notified of the discovery of aircraft wreckage in the Hiawatha National Forest on Wednesday, July 11th.

Deputies have responded to the crash site and are conducting a preliminary investigation along with Hiawatha National Forest Personnel.

The results of that investigation will be turned over to the NTSB.

The wreckage has been identified as a single engine airplane based on the registration number, N9399W, located in the wreckage. A Piper PA-28 airplane with that registration was reported missing on September 14, 1997.

The NTSB initiated an investigation at that time and produced a limited missing aircraft report.

The NTSB will lead the investigation into this accident with the cooperation of the FAA, the airplane engine manufacturers, and Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office.

The NTSB is currently assessing the location of wreckage and the logistics necessary to respond and investigate the scene. The timing of the response to the scene has yet to be determined.

The Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office and the NTSB would like to take this opportunity to offer its condolences to the family and friends of the victims of this accident.
Authorities believe they have discovered the wreckage of a small plane that crashed more than 20 years ago in remote northern Michigan.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Eric Weiss says national forest personnel found the wreckage Wednesday near St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula.

A single-engine Piper took off Sept. 14, 1997, from Drummond Island in Lake Huron. The 45-year-old pilot, Mark Davies, and his wife, Janet, were heading to Howell, about 300 miles to the south. A flight plan wasn't filed.

The NTSB says the plane was seen on radar flying south, then turning and flying north. Then it disappeared.

A four-day search failed to find the remains of the couple or the plane.

St. Ignace is about 70 miles west of Drummond Island.

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