World premiere of "Building Madness" takes place in Marquette

Published: Feb. 22, 2017 at 10:38 AM EST
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"This show is a hilarious comedy and it's basically about an architectural firm who accidentally borrows money from the mob to build a retirement home for police officers" said Carly Plasman, playing Gwen Gladwell.

The award winning show is called Building Madness and the official world premiere takes place at the Forest Roberts Theatre. Playwright, Kate Danley, was inspired to create a play that features women in comedic roles.

"I got my start writing doing sketch comedy and I realized there aren't that many great comedic roles for women. A lot of times the character actresses are sort of stuck towards the back of the stage and they only get a few lines here and there, so I really wanted to give an opportunity to women who are seriously funny to give an opportunity to shine" said Danley.

From Los Angeles, New York, London, Seattle, and now Marquette, Danley travels and shares her love of comedy to different parts of the world. But the inspiration from comedy sparked from childhood role models.

"I'm a huge fan of George Burns and Gracie Allen. The brand of humor that Gracie Allen, who was a brilliant woman, brilliant comedian; that sort of disappeared from the opportunities that we have in modern plays" said Danley.

If everything works out, Building Madness could be performed as an Off-Broadway show in the future, and this cast couldn't be more excited to premiere the performance.

"I'm very anxious to see what Kate thinks of it since this is the first time she is going to be seeing us perform it. I feel very honored to be in something like this for the first time. Especially because she mentioned it might be Off-Broadway in 2018 and to be like 'you know I was a part of that show before it got big,' that's very-very cool" said Plasman.

Performances begin Wednesday and run through Saturday.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 7:30pm

Thursday, February 23rd, 7:30pm

Friday, February 24th, 7:30pm

Saturday, February 25th, 1:00pm

Saturday, February 25th, 7:30pm