Workshop blends fundraising and psychology

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Members of various non-profits gathered at Lakeview Arena on Tuesday for a fundraising workshop.

Put on by Pence Consulting, the workshop teaches people how to be better at fundraising through the understanding of psychology.

Instead of just focusing on fundraising basics, the workshop teaches how to effectively reach potential donors based on their personality types.

"So if I'm a dominant person and I like to tell task and that's how I work, and you're analytical and like numbers, facts, figures and accuracy, then we need to adjust how we approach you as an analytical person in order to successfully raise money," said Pence Consulting President, Carole Pence.

During the workshop each participant identified their personality type and then learned how to interact with people that have different personality types.

You can learn more about Pence Consulting by clicking here.

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