Work to begin soon for noise reduction at Marquette Energy Center

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Tuesday night the Marquette Board of Light & Power (BLP) updated residents on efforts to reduce noise coming from the Marquette Energy Center (MEC). It happened at their regular June board meeting.

Complaints started when the MEC first started up, mainly from residents in Marquette Township in and around the facility located off of Wright Street. There are two different types of noise, one a low frequency engine hum and the other a higher pitched whine.

BLP Administrators say parts have been ordered and crews should begin working on the whine in the next couple weeks. Work on insulating the building to reduce the lower frequency hum should begin by the middle of next month.

"After all the iterations of the prior company who we've been working with we are moving, we have parts ordered, we have some materials on site, we have contractors on board," said Executive Director for the Marquette BLP, Tom Carpenter. "They should be here in a few weeks, by middle of July, to start the project and start retrofitting the building."

The board also approved early engineering plans for an expansion and renovation of it's Wright Street office. The cost of that work is estimated at about $109,000. Work on that project isn't likely to begin until next summer at the earliest.

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