Work begins on Copper Peak renovations

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IRONWOOD, Mich. (WLUC) - A ski flying hill in Ironwood that hasn't been used competitively since 1994 will soon be up and running again.

The Federation of International Skiing awarded Copper Peak a Summer Continental Cup and a Nordic event to possibly take place in 2018, but before that can happen, renovations to bring the hill up to code have to be done.

A group of expert engineers, contractors and world-renowned designers, some traveling from as far as Japan and Norway, got together to begin the $13 million project Wednesday.

Some of the work includes resurfacing the jump and installing an artificial surface landing. Copper Peak is the largest ski jumping structure in the world, and once completed, it will also be the only ski flying hill in the world with a plastic surface.

"Summer ski jumping is one of the largest, if not the largest, sporting event in Europe," said Paul Anderson, engineering project manager. "This jump, at 185 meters, would be the 'Super Bowl' or the grand finale of their jumping season. So, it'd be very monumental on many levels."

It will be used strictly for summer ski jumping, and the goal is to have the hill completed and ready for its first event by fall of 2018.

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