Woodland Sky Native American Dance Company to perform in Crystal Falls

CRYSTAL FALLS, Mich. (WLUC) - Crystal Falls is going to be getting a glimpse of Native American culture on Friday night. The drums, the dancing, the colors on the beautiful handmade regalia - Woodland Sky Native American Dance Company is bringing it all to the Crystal Theatre.

The company will be sharing stories from a number of different tribes through music and dance.

"We have different tribes represented in our group,” Michelle Reed, Co-Founder of the dance company, told TV6 News. “You're going to see not only different styles of dance and different styles of clothing, you're going to see different dance moves that go along with the styles of dance."

Dancing has been a big part of Michelle Reed's life. A part she now shares with her whole family and her children who will perform alongside her.

"My children both dance with our group,” Reed said. “My husband does our sound and stage management. My brother, Jim, he lives up in Marquette and he will be here tomorrow, he dances and travels with our group as well as our mom."

This performance is part of the theatre's Gem Series that happens every summer. The series focuses on highlighting local talent, but this specific performance has the town excited and ready to watch.

"We've had a lot of phone calls and our online ticket sales are going really well,” Theatre Treasurer Lucas Wickstrom said. “Our outlets have actually called us twice this week because they've run out of tickets to sell."

At the door, tickets are going to be $22. If you order online prior, it's only $18.

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