Why do people love Airstream trailers?

Published: Jul. 25, 2017 at 2:50 AM EDT
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What is it that makes an Airstream an Airstream?

Rick March is the general manager of customer relations for Airstream has pretty straightforward answer.

"It's almost like a cult following. Nobody else build the trailers like we do. Full aluminum interior, full aluminum exterior and full aluminum structure that makes them last forever."

And it's that made in America quality that has owners saying this is a once in a lifetime investment. Find the model that fits whats you'd like to do and you'll be set for life.

Here in the U.P. that might be the base camp. Which is like a mini deer camp on wheels complete with a screen door so you can shoot from your bunk...if that was legal.

Tim Maxwell is the regional director of sales for the east coast.

"The Airstream is this iconic brand that has been around since the 1930's."

But the Airstream of today probably doesn't look like the one from the 30's with big screen TVs and showers bigger than many of us have at home and bedrooms that belong in 5 star hotels.

Maxwell acknowledges that Airstreams aren't cheap but they are woth worth the investment.

"At Airstream know that it comes at a price. It comes at a premium. You start adding those 250 man hours up, but if you really look at it this is gonna last generations. This is truly going to be something that you had down generation to generation."

And there is one other iconic feature on the Airstream. All those rivets.

Over 3000 rivets on an average trailer and each one takes two people to put into place. That starts to account for some of those hundreds of man hours.

But it's that quality that puts these beauties in the same category with brands like Harley Davidson and is the reason you'll be seeing Airstreams on America's highways for years to come.