Where were Escanaba's U.S. Flags on Memorial Day?

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Over the Memorial Day weekend several citizens of Escanaba noticed there was something missing downtown.

There were no American Flags hung from the city's lamp posts as there usually are over the holiday.

That prompted some citizens to take to Facebook to complain about the problem and it was the motivation behind at least one letter to the editor.

Once people were made aware of the lack of flags, many asked the question "Why aren't there any flags up?"

Well, Escanaba City Manager Patrick Jordan has the answer for us.

"What we discovered when we pulled the flags out to put them up for Memorial Day was that they were too tattered and worn to put out and our public works director thought it best to not put them out at all.
Putting out and old tattered flag is disrespectful so we held off on it and didn't put them out at all and we ordered new ones."

Jordan also asked that people be proactive in addressing problem in the community and not just take to social media to complain.

"Don't put it on Facebook. Call the city. We'll take care of it. We'll take care of it the next day instead of pasting it all over the place."

Jordan says if anyone sees issues with city property that need to be addressed, please call City Hall at (906) 786-9402.