What is No Man's Sky?

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - No Man's Sky was first introduced to the world in 2013 at the VGX awards before receiving expanded coverage at E3 2014 when Sony announced it during their press conference. These teasers offered amazingly expansive worlds to explore, but many gamers were left wondering what exactly the game was.

The game, which was developed by the 15-man team at Hello Games, creates a universe populated by more than 18 quintillion planets. Hello Games used a process called procedural generation to create each planet using a combination of algorithms and random number generators. While this allows them to create an absolutely massive universe, it also means that there isn't a designer's touch on each of the worlds.

Every player starts out on a different planet, and the developers say that it's unlikely that you'll even run into a world that's been discovered by someone else. But what is the goal? What are players tasked with doing? In a lot of ways, that's up to you. The majority of the focus in the game is on exploration. Since the developers don't even truly know what lies on each of the planets, there is a sincere level of exploration that you are doing when landing on a new planet; even the lifeforms you come across are procedurally generated. The systems in the game allow you to name everything that you discover, so it gives you a level of ownership to your exploration missions.

Aside from just discovering things, a lot of the game is spent gathering resources in order to craft upgrades for your space ship and exosuit. The environments can often be harsh, so the more you put into your suit, the more resistance you have to things like radiation, heat or toxicity. Your ship can also be upgraded to allow you to travel in longer jumps, allowing you to travel further than before.

Hello Games has stated that the "end goal" of the game is to reach the center of the universe and find what's hidden there, but aside from that you really have to bring your own drive to play it. Games like Minecraft have created a subgenre where players really create their own goals. Some people may spend all their time trying to reach the center or tracking down small objectives that are peppered throughout, but to truly be enjoy it, you really have to be driven by the wonder of exploration itself.

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