West Branch Sportmen's Club hosts free sight-in days

Published: Nov. 10, 2019 at 9:47 PM EST
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Opening day of white tailed deer rifle season in Michigan is this Friday.

You may have already heard the occasional gunshot in the distance these past few weekends. That's because sighting in your rifle is a crucial step for any good hunter.

The West Branch Sportmen's Club offered free deer rifle sight-in days over the past few weekends in preparation for opening day.

Club members spent the day Sunday assisting hunters with spotting, adjusting scopes and offering friendly advice.

Volunteer marksman, Chris Smejkal says taking the time to sight in your rifle helps sharpen a hunters skills and ensures accuracy when they take that crucial shot.

"It is a very important thing because a lot of things can happen to your rifle while it's sitting in the closet or bouncing around in the back of the truck. Things kind of move around and even the temperature can affect your shot by changing your zero on it. So it's real important that just before hunting season that guys come down and make sure their rifles are dialed in,” Smejkal declared.

Smejkal adds that rifles with wooden stocks are even more susceptible to small changes that lead to inaccuracy and poor performance. So be sure to make sure your gun is ready.

Hunters should also understand how their ammunition behaves when discharged from their rifle. Always remain aware of who/what might be behind your target. Remain on alert for other hunters and display plenty of blaze orange.

to learn more about rules and regulations from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

White tailed deer rifle season ends November 30th.

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