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FORT JACKSON, S.C. (WLUC) Fort Jackson is located in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina and has been the training ground for the U.S. Army since 1917 and those who train at Fort Jackson will tell you the one thing they remember the most is the heat.

"It's different; it is definitely the humidity," said Captain Michael Findlay of Hudson, Wisconson. "The humidity is something that i had never experienced up and to this point. It's just a little bit hot, but we really try to make sure that we understand where people are coming from and also try to start acclimating them to the weather down here."

Fort Jackson will celebrate their 100th anniversary June 2, 2017. The base has gone through major growth over the years including the expansion of 73 ranges and training sites and over 1,000 buildings including the Fort Jackson Museum.

The museum shows the change of Fort Jackson and even what the base has to offer like the chaplain's school and other training facilities that can be found there.

"I definitely like to talk about all the benefits and the journey of it all," said Sergeant Carmen Quintana, Madison Company, Milwaukee Battalion. "The training experiences that they will go through depending on whatever job field that they choose."

The base also offers outside resources to help soldiers earn degrees and work on life after the military.

"The criteria for the schools and the degree programs are the same but we try to make sure a service member is 100 percent sure on which school they want to go, which degree program they want to pursue, and what their career goals are," said Army Transition Counselor Chante Brunell.

"Victory starts here" is the motto of Fort Jackson, and whether that means victory over basic training, or in life in general one thing that is clear is Fort Jackson has the best interest of all their soldiers in mind.

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