We Are the Marquette Movement holds rally for awareness of sexual assault

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The group We Are the Marquette Movement held a rally Thursday night to bring awareness to the definition of the word consent. The group began to gain popularity with their t-shirts that have the phrases Silence Is Not Consent.

Supporters gathered at the steps of the Marquette County Courthouse and spoke about the issue of sexual assault. The groups founder says she's proud of the work they're doing.

"I think a lot of survivors of sexual assault feel very isolated and very alone and maybe that it's a little bit there fault because they didn't fight back enough or they should have said something sooner," said Hannah Syrjala, Co-founder. "When a lot of people feel that way it's very important to pull them together to let them know they're not alone and that we are with them and when they can't speak we will speak for them."

Proceeds from t-shirt sales goes to the Marquette Women's Center.