Warmer temperatures causing weather-related problems

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The increasing temperatures could potentially result to flooding in some areas.

"We're going to see ponding of water especially on those low-lying areas, and so that could potentially pool up in waters on those roadways,” said TV6’s Morning Meteorologist Jennifer Perez.

According to the National Weather Service, since they aren’t seeing enough run-off, it isn’t going to be severe just yet.

But it is a short term 'melt-off' issue. This can cause some problems in people's basements.

"The ground is frozen and storm drains are covered with ice and snow. There's nowhere for the water to run-off,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Matt Zika.

Due to this, they recommend people act now rather than later.

"If it's possible, you're going to try to clear as much snow near your foundation as this point of the season as you can,” said Zika.

Falling ice from the roof also is a concern. If you want to save a trip to the hospital, it is advised you look up just in case there’s a slight chance it breaks right as you’re walking to your destination.

"We're going to continue to see the snow melting as well as ice and snow packs coming off of roofs and buildings, so you might hear a thud or a thump coming because of the falling snow,” said Perez.

But there’s more. Overnight Thursday, the water will freeze over into ice which will make travel difficult in the morning.

This isn’t just for drivers, but also for people walking. If you want to make sure you’re safe at all times, Downwind Sports has something you can purchase.

"We sell traction products for the bottom of your shoes that you can put on any shoe or boot and make a traction while you're out walking around on ice,” said Jeff Stasser, the Co-owner of Downwind Sports.

As always, take it slow and be safe to avoid any and all trouble.

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