Wakefield Marenisco's superintendent retires after nine years

WAKEFIELD, Mich. (WLUC) - Wakefield Marenisco's superintendent is retiring after nine years of serving students and facility.

Catherine Shamion said she is reaching the appropriate retirement age and found this was the perfect time to step down.

Before her time at Wakefield, Shamion was the only female athletic director in the U.P. when she accepted her first administrative role at the White Pine School District.

For now, Shamion has no exact plans for retirement other than to just relax and enjoy her time.

But that won't make missing her students and staff any easier.

"To be in a small school district where students are just right outside my office door and so I got to see them everyday. That will be the number one thing I will miss," said Shamion. "I have had a fabulous staff over the past nine years who been excellent as well. I will miss everybody."

Jason Gustafson was hired as Shamion's replacement a year ago and is ready to take over as he has been training with Catherine ever since.