Voters pass $8.7M bond proposal for CLK Schools

CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - Voters on Tuesday passed an $8.7 million bond proposal for the CLK Schools.

The school's first priority for the funds are safety measures. They're looking to control and monitor traffic in and out of the school.

They also plan to improve the campus' aging infrastructure and update educational tools. One of the biggest undertakings is improving Agassiz Field. The track and field will be resurfaced, plus the addition of a new field house.

"That will provide locker room space for all of our high school athletes," said Superintendent Chris Davidson. "It will also provide adequate space for our athletic trainer. It will also provide a locker room facility for visiting teams. Right now we use essentially a pole barn."

Planning with engineers begins this school year. Davidson hopes construction can begin shortly after school lets out in May 2019.

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