Volunteers apply can-do attitude to help Marquette native

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 10:29 PM EDT
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Volunteers collected thousands of empty bottles and cans Saturday in support of a Marquette native named Garret Finkbeiner.

Garrett’s uncle, Jim Finkbeiner says his nephew needs help with growing medical bills associated with a rare heart condition.

"From what the doctors understand he had a virus that attacked his heart and as a 21-year-old, you wouldn’t expect this to happen but it’s to a point where he's going to eventually need a new heart. Right now, he's battling through the steps to get to get on the list to get a new heart in Grand Rapids at an amazing hospital with some amazing doctors," Finkbeiner declared.

There was a huge turnout in the Econo Foods parking lot as people donated their cans in order to help Finkbeiner and his family pay for various medical procedures.

Jim Finkbeiner says he and the other volunteers now face the logistical challenge of sorting, storing and recycling this mountain of cans.

"John Inch was the one that came up with this idea and got a storage container for us. We thought a 40-foot storage container would be enough and I don't think it's going to be. That just goes back to the generosity of everybody in this community. Of course, sorting is a big deal so that’s going to takes a while but what a great problem to have," Finkbeiner announced.

As for Garrett, Jim Finkbeiner says his prognosis is good.

"He's been a real fighter and he's really coming through it as a fighter. So he's in really good shape for the shape he's in and he continues to fight and we’re just trying to support them as best we can," Finkbeiner asserted.

and join the Future for Fink Facebook page for updates and future can drives.

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