Vista Theater offers up 'Once Upon a Mattress'

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NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Historic Vista Theater in downtown Negaunee is running a production of Rogers and Hammerstein's "Once Upon a Mattress."

The play is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy-tale of a prince not being able to find a real princess to marry, but when a girl shows up saying she truly is royalty, the prince's mother puts her to the test.

"It is the musical retelling of the 'Princess and the Pea', and it is a very family friendly show, with a lot of classic like 'Three Stooges'-esque kind of comedy," assistant director Alec VanHorn said.

"It tells the story of a rebellious princess, a handsome prince, a mute king and a talkative queen," 'the minstrel' from the play Jacob Laitinen said.

The show tells the story as though it's a children's book.

"The whole idea behind it is it's kind of a pop-up book, like our set moves, our props are made out of cardboard. That's done intentionally, not because of low budget," Laitinen said.

VanHorn said the cast loves the play and even this far into the production, are still laughing at the jokes.

"It's just a very funny show we have something for all ages. We have those sort of jokes that go over the children's heads," VanHorn said.

"You know a little bit of low brow humor, a little high brow humor, a little bit of everything," Laitinen said.

The musical runs the next two weeks, Thursday through Saturday at 7:00 pm, with 2 o'clock matinees on Sunday.

Tickets cost $15 for adults and $12 for kids and seniors.

"We just have a really great cast and everyone fits their roles perfectly, and it's going to be a lot of fun, and very fast paced and you should definitely come out and see it," VanHorn said.

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