Universal Life Church Monastery Storehouse urges 'virtual weddings'

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 12:42 PM EDT
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The Universal Life Church Monastery Storehouse (ULC) recently sent letters to the Governors and Attorneys General of 47 states asking for an executive order that allows for weddings to be legally binding when performed virtually.

In the most recent release of John Krasinski’s weekly Youtube show, SomeGoodNews, Krasinski held up a ULC ordination certificate and performed a virtual wedding for a couple in Maryland, which is a state that currently does not allow for legally binding virtual weddings. This video quickly went viral, and along with the current pandemic, the demand for virtual weddings are at an all-time high.

“Marriage ceremonies are constantly evolving. People are always finding new ways to celebrate their love, and this is just the next evolution. God is everywhere, even on the internet, and it is everyone’s right to be married over the internet,” said George Freeman, the Presiding Chaplain of ULC. “We do not believe that this pandemic and the government’s restrictions should prevent individuals from being married.”

In the letter sent to state Governors and Attorneys General, ULC explained that government restrictions are interrupting wedding plans with the prohibition of large gatherings.

The letter cites executive orders from states such as California, New York, and New Jersey that currently allow for virtual weddings via videoconferencing. ULC states that it does not believe that couples who wish to be wed before social distancing guidelines being lifted should have to risk the health of themselves, their family, and other loved ones.

About the Universal Life Church Monastery Storehouse (ULC) is a nondenominational church that ordains anyone online. Their services allow for friends and family to marry their loved ones so that every wedding ceremony is perfectly tailored to a couple’s desire. Being wed by family and friends creates an intimate experience for couples on the most important day of their lives.

ULC also provides many products, including ordination certificates, ministerial attire, and other items to help make your wedding ceremony special.