Village of Calumet planning to continue running their own police force.

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 9:13 PM EST
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The Village of Calumet has decided to continue to run their own police department. Calumet's police department has been inactive for the majority of this year as the two prior officers left on good terms to pursue other paths.

The village has currently decided to move forward with staffing the police force with one part time officer, to assess the cost benefit of operating their own force.

"It's been kind of back and forth, if you will, but the council has been mostly in favor of it. We have looked at some budgetary issues that could come from having a full police staff again, as well as all the incidentals that come with having a police force, and they decided that they wanted to test it out," said Caleb Katz, Calumet’s Village Manager.

The Village of Calumet is currently accepting applications from anyone who is certified to operate as a police officer.

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