Video of Cochran reenacting killing shown in court

Published: Feb. 22, 2017 at 8:39 PM EST
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Cochran is accused of killing 53-year-old Christopher Regan of Iron River. She claims, her now-deceased husband Jason Cochran shot Regan in the back of the head, then forced her to help him dismember and hide the remains of Regan. In court, the forensic anthropologist who testified via Skype confirmed a hole in the skull of Regan he examined was, in fact, a bullet wound.

"Were those consistent items, though, with respect to a skull that has a gunshot wound?" Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell questioned the forensic anthropologist John Servello.

"Yes," Servello replied.

After Cochran's husband Jason died last February of an apparent heroin overdose in Indiana, Cochran fled to Kentucky. Shortly after, she was arrested in April by U.S. Marshals and the Kentucky State Police. Wednesday, jurors heard testimony from Graves County Jail Supervisor Edward Jackson, describing how Cochran fashioned her glasses into shanks while in custody there.

"Does that appear to be a shank, Mr. Jackson?" Powell asked as Jackson showed the glasses to the court.

"Yup," Jackson said. "That's exactly what that is."

Also in court Wednesday, Detective Jeremy Ogden of the Hobart, Indiana Police Department took the stand, explaining how he was able to develop a relationship with Cochran and eventually gain her trust.

Det. Ogden persuaded Cochran into telling him what happened to Regan and, after taking a drive with her back to Iron River, she would ultimately show him, along with former Iron River City Police Chief Laura Frizzo where Regan's remains could be found. With Cochran's permission, she and the detective then visited the Cochran home where she said Regan met his eventual fate. A video was shown to the jury of the 34-year-old Cochran re-enacting the murder.

Det. Ogden's testimony is scheduled to go through to the end of the day and could even possibly carry over into Thursday.