Video contest aims to teach about substance abuse prevention

Published: Oct. 14, 2019 at 6:28 PM EDT
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Students in Gwinn are gearing up for this year's PSA (Public Service Announcement) Video Contest, which is put on by the Marquette County Cares Coalition. This year’s competition theme is “Be Bold.”

Last year, Gwinn High School students took first, second, and third place in the Marquette County-wide contest, which aims to teach about the dangers of substance abuse through student-made videos.

"Some students did smoking, some students did vaping, some your traditional tobacco, and some students did the effects of marijuana. A few students did it on opioids as well, which is a crisis we have,” said Gwinn Area Community Schools Health Teacher Angela Micheau, who makes the contest part of her addiction-prevention curriculum.

Winning students receive cash prizes and this year, money will also be given to a winning teacher that helped students with their videos.

"It could go towards teaching materials, purchasing the latest with the videos, anything else that would help the kids," said Micheau.

Gwinn High School junior, Mackenzie Malette, did her video last year on the effects of vaping since it's a popular habit among her peers.

"I feel like it's really popular right now and with a lot of kids that's like the 'new' thing to do, so we felt like it was the best thing to do,” Malette said.

Mia Mitchell and Kaitlyn Shelafoe, who won second place and $300 last year for their vaping video, say the project not only taught them a lot, but that it allowed them to teach their peers as well.

"I think when it comes from your friends, it means more to you, so you will take it into consideration more,” Mitchell said.

"When you hear things from adults it's like 'oh, whatever, not a big deal,' but when it comes from your peers it's like 'oh, they must actually know about this,'” said Shelafoe.

To see last year’s winning videos, click


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