After 16 years, Vicky Crystal says goodbye on the TV6 Morning News

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) TV6 Morning News Anchor Vicky Crystal said goodbye Friday morning. Vicky got a special send-off after 16 years on the TV6 Morning News.

Vicky's daughter, Nicole, made a surprise visit to our studio during the broadcast, and then members of the TV6 staff, former coworkers, and many of Vicky's friends surprised her.

State Sen. Tom Casperson and State Rep. Sara Cambensy gave Vicky a special tribute, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

Vicky handed her chair over to Sarah Blakely and then said her final goodbye as a broadcaster.

"One last time, because every day is not great," said Vicky. "I want you to make the most of your day. Go out there and find somebody who might not be having a great day, you help them make the most of it. If there's any legacy that any person can pass on, I would just love that to be that, that you go out there and make a difference in your world, like you've made a difference to me. I just thank you all so much."

Vicky will now be the pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Crystal Falls and Grace United Methodist Church in Amasa. Her first sermon is Sunday morning.

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