Veterans can get health care benefits close to home

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Upper Michigan veterans now have a new way to get specialty care closer to home.

Telehealth is connecting providers, with veteran's, from rural site, to a larger VA facility. (WLUC Photo)

Traveling far and wide for health care can be a pain. Now, veteran affairs hospitals are opening a new wave of check-ups.

"Telehealth is connecting providers, with veteran's, from rural site, to a larger VA facility,” said Amanda Rdtnick, a Telehealth Registered Nurse at the Oscar G. Johnson VAMC.

The veterans come to a local site, like the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center. The doctor at a larger VA facility then sees the patient over a T.V. A nurse in the room with the veteran is technically the 'hands' for the doctor.

For rural hospitals, it's a great alternative.

"Where we are located, the rural nature of our facilities, it really save our veterans travel, and that's really nice,” said Rudnick.

One veteran, James Knuth, who has used it, said it is beneficial.

"It's very helpful and saved me a lot of millage. The people were cooperative and friendly, I never had to wait, and my appointment always came off on time,” he said.

Another tool that veterans can use to connect to their healthcare, without even leaving the comfort of their home is veterans video connect. This allows the veteran to dial in on a smartphone or iPad, and they are instantly connected to their provider.

The new wave of technology in health care can provide many positives.

"I think it's exciting, I think it's the cutting edge of technology and I think it's great that you can get your healthcare closed to home,” said Rudnick.

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